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You can reach our customer service per email: support@fruitchess.com

How to setup Fruit 2.2 under Arena

How to setup Fruit 2.2 under Fritz (Chesbase)

How to setup Fruit 2.2 under ShredderClassic

How to setup Fruit 2.2 under Sigma Chess (Mac OS X)

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Frequently asked Questions:

Question: Can I install Fruit 2.2 on more than one computer?

Answer: Yes. However every key is customized to your hardware. You won't be able to use this key on another computer. If you have more than one computer or bought a new one please write us your additional Hardware-Fingerprint and we will send you a new key. One license is restricted to three different computers at the same time.

Question: Do I need to request a new key every time I change my hardware?

Answer: No. Usually additions and changes to your hardware as well as reinstalling the computer does not invalidate the key. However after many changes or if you bought a complete new computer you may need to request a new key.

Question: Do I need to purchase Fruit for every operating system I'm using separately?

Answer: No. if you purchase Fruit you'll be able to download Fruit for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux with one purchased license.

Questions: When do you implement Feature X?

Answer: Please have a look on our future plans. If you have a feature request which is not covered there let us know.

Question: Is Fruit 2.2 the exact same engine that competed in WCCC'05 in Reykjavik?

Answer: No it isn't. Fabien has added many features (multi-variation mode, Chess960 etc.) so the code isn't the same anymore. However regarding playing strength they should be similar since no strength-related code has been changed.

Question: How can I load the books in Fritz, Shredder or Arena?

Answer: The books from Fruit are enginebooks. That means you can’t load them into a GUI like Fritz or Arena. However Fruit will use the book if proper indicated in the Parameter "BookFile" and if the Option "OwnBook" is active (both are the default values). You can change the used book if you change the Parameter "BookFile".

Unfortunately looking on the percentage of different book moves is not possible at the moment. For that we would need to create a GUI-Book since GUIs only display probabilities in GUI-Books. But that would mean to create for each GUI a special book. :-(

You can check whether Fruit uses in fact the tournament book when you try to move the book.bin to another folder while it should be in use. If Windows refuses the moving your book is being used. Once Fruit uses its book it always plays the best moves given the existing probabilities in this book.

Please have a look on our future plans.

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