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  • Fruit is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.
  • Fruit is UCI-compatible, which means it will run in any interface that supports UCI, such as Fritz (ChessBase), ChessPartner (Lokasoft), Shredder Classic, Chess Assistant, Arena, or Sigma Chess on Macintosh. If Fruit is your first chess program, and you don't own a GUI, please download Arena. It is free and competitive with any commercial GUI. Fruit itself does not include a GUI.
  • Fruit comes with its own two opening books, which it can use in any GUI. One is a tournament book, which guarantees the best results, while the other is a wider book with more opening variety.
  • Fruit supports Nalimov Endgame Tablebases (all 6-men and fewer).
  • Fruit supports multi-variation mode (also known as k-best). In this mode Fruit displays not only the best move, but also the second-best move, and so on, with the exact score. For one thing, this gives you the possibility to see whether there exist several equally good moves or only one good move.
  • Fruit supports the exclusion and inclusion of moves while analysing. If the GUI supports UCI-2 you can exclude certain moves from analysis or restrict the analysis to certain moves.
  • Fruit supports Chess960 (also known as Fisher Random Chess).
  • Fruit has many UCI options that allow you to change its playing style or tune it for certain positions/opponents.
  • Fruit supports all time controls such as x moves in y minutes, or game in x minutes with increment (x min. per game plus y sec. per move).
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