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Fruit is available for free for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X (Intel and PowerPC).
The latest version is Fruit 2.3 from Ryan Benitez, only available for Windows. It is based on Fruit 2.2.1 with further development from Ryan Benitez.

Fruit 2.2, 2.2.1, and the last beta from Fabien Fruit 05/11/03 (November 2005) are available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Fabien is no longer working on Fruit. Most of the changes since November 05 are done by
Ryan with permission of Fabien along with some review of code and discussion of ideas

Fruit 2.3 Ryan (including Beta versions 070327, 061115a, and 061115b) for Windows

These are further developments of Ryan Benitez based on the source code of Fruit 2.2.1

Fruit Beta 05/11/03

Fruit 2.2.1

Fruit 2.2

The Windows compiles are from Bryan Hoffmann, the Linux compiles from Tom Likens and Volker Pittlik and the Mac OS X compiles from Tord Romstad.

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