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Playing strength

Fruit's main feature is its incredible playing strength. It had a skirmish development over the past 18 month. Since Release 1.0 it got almost every release 100 Elopoints stronger. Since the first release in March 2004 it got almost 400 Elopoints stronger in just 18 months!

Playing strength increase in ELO since March 2004

Chart of playing strength increase of Fruit in Elo

Graph based on different independent rating lists. The increase is software only not taking into account faster hardware.

Fruit 2.2 finished second in the last World Computer Chess Championships in Reykjavik 2005, being the only program among the first 7 running on a single processor and beating Shredder and Junior (running on 4 processors). Fruit scored 8.5 out of 11 games.

For an independent rating we recommend the following rating lists:

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