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Fruit was developed by Fabien Letouzey.

It made its first appearance to the public in March 2004. Fruit was then just a basic program with a very simple evaluation and basic search. However since then it made skirmish progress adding about 100 Elo to each new release (1.5, 2.0, 2.1 and Fruit 2.2). The latest version from Fabien is "Fruit Beta 05/11/07" compiled on November, the 3rd 2005. Since then no new versions where released.

Until Version 2.1, Fruit was open source. But with Fruit becoming the strongest engine, the author decided to close the source code to avoid clones which might participate in official tournaments.

You can still find older releases of Fruit as open source on the WBEC Ridderkerk website: http://wbec-ridderkerk.nl

Ryan Benitez joined the Fruit-Team in December 2005. Before he developed Gambit-Fruit with some interesting changes on the basis of the last open-source-version 2.1.

Joachim Rang was the main tester of Fruit since its first public appearance. He tuned the different parameters, tested new evaluation and search features and made suggestions for further development of Fruit.

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