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Known Problems

1. In the Chessbase-GUI Fruit plays only the first moves from book and leaves book very soon even in well-known lines.

Details: The CB-GUI let's the engine ponder even while in book. If the move of the opponent matches the ponder move Fruit does not play from the book but calculates. If later the move from the opponent does not match the ponder move Fruit begins to play book moves again. This is only true for the Chessbase-GUI and only if ponder is on and will be fixed in the next update.

2. Fruit plays very weak and below the strength you claim .

In a few games anything can happen but if you notice the problem for a long time there might be one explanation:

There is a bug in the new Fritz9-GUI and in the latest Update of Fritz8-GUI (namely an update from September 9th 2005) which leads to the effect that Fruit plays with history pruning disabled. That leads to a huge strength drop as some users reported. The bug happens if you open the Engine Properties windows and close it with "OK". After that Fritz always sends history pruning false to the engine regardless which option you choose. Even clicking on "Defaults" has no effect.

Chessbase has confirmed that bug and will fix it (hopefully soon) so far I suggest either to use the Fritz 8- GUI from Januar 2005 or to never touch the UCI-Parameters (it appears Fruit is working correctly in case you just load it without changing the UCI-Options).

3. Fruit does not use more than 1024 MB Hash.

Details: That is true due to some limitations of the internal design. There is no workaround yet but 1024 MB Hash should be sufficient for any time controls. It is planned to fix this though.

4. Fruit does not use more then 128 MB Hash under Windows 98.

Details: There is a design flaw in Windows 98 which does not allow to allocate more than 128 MB Hash with the method Fruit uses. No fix is planned.

5. My hardware fingerprint changes although I did not change my hardware

Details: Some Customers reported that to us and we are investigating the issue. So far we do not know the exact conditions but we will fix this as soon as possible.

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