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Fruit has a unique playing style making it a good addition to any chess engine collection.

After the success of Fruit in the World Chess Computer Championship 2005 in Reykjavik some people called Fruit a "sceptical program" in the sense that it does not "believe" in dynamic advantages which are in fact not there. This was especially visible in the games against Junior and Shredder where Fruit refuted an (unsound) attack and went on to win. It is certainly true Fruit does not play speculative or unsound attacks but one can hardly describe the playing style of Fruit "sceptical". Fruit can definitely go to attacking mode if necessary as demonstrated in its game against The Baron in WCCC 05, but it will also play a fine positional maneuvering like in the game against Jonny if necessary.

Fruit's playing style is very balanced. It has no outstanding strengths but neither any serious weaknesses. It will develop its pieces reasonably in the opening, find the tactics in the middlegame and accurately convert an advantage in a technical endgame. Fruit does not play in a speculative or aggressive manner, but will convert a slight advantage with great accuracy or outmaneuver the opponent in a positional battle. If the opponent prefers a slugfest, it will find the necessary tactics though.

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