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Development on Fruit has ceded. This page stays for archival purposes.

Future Plans

Beside increasing the playing strength of Fruit, we are thinking of implementing further features. The list below is no roadmap and subject to change at any time. We just want to let you know what we are planning to do.

  1. Backward analysing capabilities (hopefully soon)
  2. Different personalities (hopefully soon)
  3. Weak levels (after some research)
  4. Multi Processor Support (Spring 2006)
  5. Book-learning and position-learning (perhaps but not very likely - book-learning is not easy to implement in a UCI-Engine)
  6. 64Bit compiles (so far Fruit does not gain significantly from 64Bit - if that changes we will provide a 64Bit compile)

We are thinking of more features for analysing but can't announce anything right now. If you have additional suggestions to the above list please write to support@fruitchess.com. Please don't ask when a certain feature will be available; we update this page as soon as we know.

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