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Fruit 2.2.1

For all customers there is a free update to Fruit 2.2.1 with the following changes:

- added Tablebase support

Fruit now supports the Nalimov Endgame Tablebases (all 6-men and below). You can specify the usage of Tablebases in the UCI-Options.

- fixed book-ponder-bug in Chessbase

Fruit now plays book-moves in ponder-on games in the Chessbase-GUI

- fixed hardware protection

A new key should now only be necessary in very rare circumstances.

- some more explanations/files in the setup

There is a readme included where all UCI-Parameters are explained plus some other stuff.

All keys are still valid and you don't need to register Fruit again after the update. However you need to set it up as UCI engine again since the binary is named "Fruit2.2.1.exe". If you want to avoid this delete the old binary and rename "Fruit2.2.1.exe" in "Fruit2.2.exe".

The update is highly recommended!


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